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Mickey Jack Cones Talks Digital Transformation of Country Music

Nashville - Acclaimed country producer Mickey Jack Cones chatted with Digital Journal about the digital ...

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Dustin Lynch Reveals Current Mood Track Listing
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Exclusive: Joe Nichols Talks Returning To Traditional, Adding Country Spin To “Baby Got Back” On New Album

"Though there is a nearly four-year span between Crickets and Never Gets Old, it is not due to a lack of hard work. Nichols and producer Mickey Jack Cones undertook the arduous task of ...

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Walker McGuire make Grand Ole Opry debut

Producer and longtime friend Mickey Jack Cones joined the duo on stage to play guitar as part of the backing band.

Read more at: http://www.entertainment-focus....

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Review: Walker McGuire excellent on breakthrough single 'Til Tomorrow'

"Til Tomorrow" was penned by Jordan Walker and Johnny McGuire from the duo, as well as country songwriters Brian Carper and Trey Matthews. Acclaimed country producer Mickey Jack Cones served as their producer, while Mason Dixon directed their ...

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Walker McGuire Excited to Bring ‘Til Tomorrow’ to Country Radio

Helping them find that sound is red-hot producer Mickey Jack Cones, who they are excited to be working with. “Mickey Jack is starting to blow up in Nashville, having success with 

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Walker McGuire Releases Official Music Video for "Til Tomorrow"

Check out the official music video for "Til Tomorrow" here: 

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Trace Adkins exclusive: 'Whippoorwills and Freight Trains'

“That’s probably the lowest note I’ve ever sung,” he agrees. “It’s from Buck Owens because he told me once, ‘Son, put that low note in every song you record because it’s what you’ve got going.’ But what’s more important to ...

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Album Review: Trace Adkins’ ‘Something’s Going On’

Along with producer Mickey Jack Cones, Adkins has put together an album that could very well serve as a re-introduction to his longtime following, and makes his name and musical legacy known among younger fans who might be new to the format. ...

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Dustin Lynch scores 4th No. 1 country single with 'Seein' Red'

Veteran Nashville producer Mickey Jack Cones, who has worked with ...

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